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You Need the Best Solution for Your Hearing Loss

Susan Fenrich; Board Certified in Hearing Instument Sciences

Susan Fenrich, BC-HIS*
Owner & President
Welsch Hearing Aid Co.

We Can Tell You All About Hearing Aids

For over 46 years Welsch Hearing Aid Company has been an independent provider of the best hearing solutions possible given one’s hearing loss, lifestyle, and financial situation.

As an independent provider we are not limited to a specific brand or product solution, rather we can offer our patients a wide range of products and prices. We offer all of the latest styles of digital hearing technology. Welsch Hearing Aid Company services the products we sell and most other brands as well.

Welsh Hearing Aid Care PlanWhen you come to Welsch Hearing Aid Company for better hearing, as your independent hearing health care provider, we promise to be your friend and advocate and do our best to help you hear better. Each individual person’s hearing loss, lifestyle, and financial ability are considered in the solution Welsch Hearing Aid Company will recommend to improve your hearing.

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