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Introducing new Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids with Augmented Focus™ technology.

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Hearing aid technology and design is constantly evolving. But every so often, a breakthrough changes everything. In the case of new Augmented Focus™ technology, it’s the clear, organized way sounds are delivered. Typical hearing aids process all sounds the same way, so the conversation in front of you and the background noise that fills the rest of the room compete with each other– proving to be distracting at times. With Augmented Focus™, speech and noise and can separate from each other, so wearers can better understand speech in quiet, mild, and loud environments – from a hushed café to a bustling family reunion and everywhere in between. In fact, wearers experience greater than 25% better speech understanding in noise compared to their own hearing aids.

Imagine yourself at a family gathering. You’re speaking directly with your son on the sofa, your grandkids are playing 10 feet away and the melodies of a dinner party playlist fills the surrounding speakers. You deserve to focus on the conversation with your son, while still enjoying the sweet laughter and happy tunes that accompany the room. Augmented Focus™ technology makes that a reality. By processing speech separately from environmental noise, it can help you increase your focus on conversation you want to hear by bringing speech closer, without silencing the sounds that still matter.

A dinner with family may not be an environment you consider extremely loud. But 85% of our time is spent in mild to moderate noise environments, meaning it’s the times when environmental awareness is crucial that Augmented Focus™ technology proves truly impactful. While Augmented Focus™ delivers outstanding speech clarity, it doesn’t compromise on comfort or awareness. Rather than completely drowning out background noise, it simply tunes it down, allowing for a more familiar and comprehensive listening experience, where you can once again choose what you want to focus on. And you can experience this technology through Signia’s new, rechargeable Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids, which feature a slimmer design, streaming compatibility with iOS and Android and high satisfaction. Plus, they come with a sleek portable charger for convenient carrying and a battery boost on the go.

Hearing should be a personalized experience. Better hearing is becoming more high-tech by the second. While new hearing aids offer a more comfortable fit and clearer sound, they’re also continuing to offer a truly customized hearing experience that is tailored to your life. Signia’s Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids are a very popular style to fit your hearing needs. Equipped with Signia Assist through the Signia app, they offer an added layer of customization and support.

Hearing isn’t one size fits all. The world you want to reconnect with is different than everyone else’s – so your hearing aid should be, too. If you must start somewhere, make it here. The only way to fully understand your hearing loss and your options are to talk to a hearing care professional. Call Welsch Hearing Aid Company, of Sheboygan today at 920-452-0213 to schedule your hearing test, consultation, and demonstration. If you like what you hear, you will be given the opportunity to Test Drive™ the new Signia AX hearing aids in your own listening environments. Special financial incentives will be given between now and October 1st.

Signia’s Representative will be here on Tuesday, September 28th to answer your questions about Signia’s newest hearing aid technology. FREE hearing screenings and demonstrations will be given with special financial incentives September 27th through October 1st.