Mother’s Hearing Must be Good


Susan L Fenrich, BC-HIS*

A mother’s hearing is really important. The first time our mother’s ears are used is when we hear the baby’s heart beat at the first doctor

My laughing Grandson swinging with his Mom. His mother’s hearing is good!

appointment after getting pregnant.   The next time is during the birthing classes and we are being told what to expect during the pregnancy, labor, and delivery.   When we go to see the ultrasound, we need to hear what the technician reports.   Is it a girl or boy?  Are there any problems with the baby or does everything look good?   We need to hear the doctor when he or she says: “Push!”     The baby comes and we hear the unforgettable cry of a newborn. Can you hear these things mom? Are you missing out on the miracles of new life? A mother’s hearing needs to be good.

How good is your hearing?  The baby cries to get what he needs.  Can you hear your baby from another room?  Are the baby monitors throughout the house loud enough?  As a new mom, we always worry about whether the baby is still breathing if it is sleeping a long time. Can you hear your baby breathe?   If your baby got sick in bed, could you hear it throw-up?  Hearing can be a matter of life or death. When the baby cries what does he need?   Can you hear the difference between the cries for a diaper change, when he is hungry, or in pain?   If you can’t hear your baby you need to get hearing help.

Soon the baby begins to coo and then to talk.  If you can’t hear these milestones, you may miss the fact that the baby is not developing as expected, maybe the baby can’t hear you. Can you hear your baby laughing, making silly sounds, and babbling as it entertains itself?   Babies roll over, crawl, pull up on furniture, and finally walk and run.  Your baby will fall a lot through this process.   Sometimes they get hurt and scream, and other times they fall and laugh.  Can you hear your baby fall?  Can you hear your toddler move from room to room getting into mischief?   Closing and opening things as doors, drawers, refrigerators and more?  Those toddlers are fast! Did you hear your toddler open the front door? You need to get him quick before he goes in traffic! A mother’s hearing cannot be too good.

Before you know it, your toddler is off to school. Now the real fun begins!   School plays, concerts, and sports will vie for your attention and your hearing.   Helping with homework and teaching your child things around the house, will require you to hear what is being asked.     Then there are meetings with teachers at school and even Sunday School.  If all goes well maybe someday you will need to hear the speech done by your Valedictorian at High School Graduation.   You don’t want to miss a word.

As a mom, it never ends.  They are out the door for college, job, and/or marriage.  We don’t want to miss a thing during those infrequent visits and phone calls.   Every moment spent with our child is special.  Before you know it, you are not only a mother but now you are a grandmother and the cycle starts over again.

If you are missing out on the sounds of your child, or your grandchild, now is the time to take care of your hearing.  Call Welsch Hearing Aid Company at 920-395-3501or 1-800-924-2101 to schedule your FREE hearing test, consultation, and demonstration today.  A mother’s hearing needs to be good.