Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

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Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have been made for many years.  In the ‘80’s custom hearing aids had a big button cell which made the hearing aids quite large and rather ugly.  The aids were put in the charger at night. If the electricity went off during the charge cycle the hearing aid user would not have a functioning hearing aid in the morning.   Rechargeable batteries developed a memory so if the charge was not complete the battery life got shorter. For the behind-the-ear hearing aids, the older chargers had similar problems.   It was often difficult to get the contacts on the hearing aids to line up with the contacts of the battery charger, which shortened the battery life.

Today, hearing aids are available that use rechargeable or standard batteries. If the battery or charger fails, which they can, a standard battery can be used.  Even though the chargers and the rechargeable hearing aid batteries have improved significantly over time they still only last 10-16 hours per day, depending on the battery size, usage, and the hearing aids strength.   When one is a “night owl” it can be frustrating when the hearing aid battery stops working before you stop working or playing, whatever the case may be.

The latest rechargeable hearing aid comes from Signia ( Siemens). Cellion primax is the world’s first lithium-ion inductive-charging hearing aid.   Available in the Pure, Signia’s receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid which can fit a wide range of hearing losses.  This is ideal for hearing aid users who have poor vision and/or poor dexterity, and for those who just don’t like changing their hearing aids batteries.  The Cellion primax turns off and starts charging automatically as soon as it is placed in the charger. With its smart electronics, it turns on automatically when it’s taken out again. It’s rechargeable lithium-ion power cell lasts for 24 hours with one charge, even while streaming from other devices as cell phones. And, with no battery contacts or battery door, it’s unique OneShell design makes it very easy to use.  The rechargeable battery that is in the Cellion is supposed to last 4 years.   The battery can be replaced by your hearing care provider.  To find out if the Cellion is appropriate for your hearing loss, call your hearing care provider today.