What is the best hearing aid to use with my cell phone?


Susan L Fenrich, BC-HIS*

Many manufacturers make hearing aids that work with  cell phones. First and foremost you need to have a cell phone that has Bluetooth

Credit – GN ReSound

capability in it. If it doesn’t have Bluetooth, it will be difficult to hear well on any cell phone when you wear hearing aids. Next your hearing aid needs to be wireless–meaning it must be capable of connecting with wireless devices.

The top six manufacturers all have hearing aids that can connect to your cell phone one way or another. Widex, Phonak, Siemens, and Oticon, require a streamer to be worn around the neck in order to connect with the cell phone. The technology that Starkey and Resound offer has streamers that do not need to be worn around the neck. In addition, they both offer hearing aids that connect directly to the iPhone®, without out the use of any streamer at all.

After being educated on the various technologies available, I tend to recommend the ReSound LiNX2 most often. My patients are very happy with the sound quality and flexibility of these hearing aids.

These ReSound hearing aids have many positive features:

  • Even though they are made for the iPhone®, they can work with other Bluetooth cell phones as well.  Through the use of the Unite Phone Clip, which allows you to hear the person you are talking to through both hearing aids.
  • When you adjust the environmental programs, or volume control on one aid, it automatically adjusts the other one.
  • The Tinnitus Sound Generator and Nature Sounds, combine advanced sound therapy with the world’s smartest hearing aid. Sound Therapy provides relief from tinnitus by diverting your attention away from it.
  • Binaural Directionality II™ in the LiNX2 9 zooms in on the sounds that interest you most, while still maintaining a sense of the activity happening around you.
  • Spatial Sense™ in the LiNX2 9 acts like the natural outer ear—it channels sound to help you detect where it is coming from, providing a stronger sense of your surroundings—all while maintaining excellent sound quality.
  • Made for iPhone® aids stream stereo sound directly from an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPad Touch® directly to your hearing aids.
  • The ReSound Smart™ app: adjust volume, and treble & bass on the go. You can save your favorite programs and activate them when you want, find misplaced hearing aids, and much, much more.

Credit – GN ReSound

Don’t take my word for it; come listen for yourself! Next Week Thursday and Friday, October 1st and 2nd, Andy Johnson from Resound will be at Welsch Hearing Aid Company doing personal demonstrations for anyone who is interested in hearing the difference the LiNX2 ,made for iPhone® hearing aids, can make. Call 1-800-924-2101 to reserve your spot today!