Why Don’t People Get Hearing Aids When They Need Them?


Susan L Fenrich, BC-HIS*

About 28.8 million adults in the United States could benefit from hearing aids, yet less than 16% of them have ever used them.  This is sad, especially when one’s quality of life could be so much better wearing hearing aids.

There are several reasons why people with hearing loss don’t buy hearing aids:

·         People may not realize that they have a hearing loss.   If the hearing loss occurred gradually, it is hard for them to know they have a hearing loss.  Turning up the radio or TV, and family members and friends raising their voices, contribute to the lack of realization.

·         Denial:  They insist that others are mumbling, the speakers are bad, or the venue’s PA is not working. They may sense a slight hearing problem, but feel it is okay if people raise their voices. They need to be told the TV is too loud. Stop raising your voices to get them to hear.   It just may take an embarrassing moment for them to seek hearing help.

·         Lack of Motivation to Hear:  Those who live alone do not always see the need for wearing hearing aids. They have gotten used to their quiet world, and may find some sounds to be an irritation—like the furnace running, etc.  These people need to be reminded that they need to hear for safety reasons.

·         Vanity and a Sign of Being “Old”:  Many think that hearing loss is a sign of aging and fear people will think they are “old” because they are wearing hearing aids. They fear being ridiculed and having others think they are “defective”.  Hearing loss affects all ages and is not necessarily caused by the aging process. Many hearing aids are nearly invisible and cosmetically appealing. Having people repeat all the time shows ones hearing loss more than wearing hearing aids.

·         Lack of Transportation:  If a person is non-ambulatory and has no way to get to the Hearing Aid Provider’s Office—in home hearing testing is available.

·         Higher Priorities & Cost:  Health problems, stressful times, and other financial obligations prevent people from addressing their hearing problems.   During difficult times it is even more important to hear.   With a wide range of hearing aid technology at varying prices available, insurance hearing benefits, payment plans, and charitable organizations, there is help available for every budget.

·         Bad Experience: Those who’ve had a bad experience with hearing aids, or know someone who has, may be reluctant to seek help.  Every person’s hearing needs are unique.   Every Hearing Aid Providers’ skill set is unique too.   No two hearing aids will work the same as they are individually programmed for your specific hearing loss and communication needs, and each hearing aid model has its own processing capabilities. It is so important to “Test Drive” hearing aids in your own listening environments before making your final decision to purchase.

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