Hearing Aid Care Products

We’ve got all of the hearing aid care product you’ll need in stock.

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that require special care to prevent repairs. Moisture and earwax are the main reasons for repair. The use of these products will help make these hearing aids last longer and prevent repairs.

mini super dry aid

Super Dri-Aid™ & Mini Super Dri-Aid™

These jars of desiccant beads are perfect for you to take to the YMCA to put your hearing aids in your locker while you swim. Although, they are not as effective as the Dry & Store, they are one of the most effective non-electric hearing aid dehumidifying products. They come in two different sizes to accommodate different sizes of hearing aids. The desiccant beads do need to be recharged in the oven when the colors change. These are ideal to dry your hearing aids if you are traveling and have limited space in your luggage.

audio wipes

These wipes are safe to disinfect and clean all hearing aids.

drystoredry and store

Dry & Store Global II

The Dry & Store® hearing aid conditioner is the best investment you can make to prolong the life of your hearing aid(s). It combines three essential elements needed to effectively dry your hearing aid(s): heat, moving air, and a desiccant, the Dry-Brik™ II that drives the relative humidity very low, and captures the moisture that is released. The ultraviolet light in The Dry and Store® comes on for the first 90 seconds of the drying cycle to disinfect the hearing aids. This feature also helps prevent outer-ear canal infections. People that use the Dry & Sore regularly say: “it makes my hearing aids sound clearer, feel better, and batteries last longer. This electronic device is supposed to be used nightly. The Dry-Brik™ II desiccant’s need to be changed every two months to be effective.

audiologist's choice hearing aid spray


Since your hearing aids are in a warm, moist, waxy place all day long it is recommended to disinfect them daily. Both Audiologist’s Choice® Hearing Aid and Earmold Cleaner and the AudioWipes are safe for cleaning and disinfecting your earmold.  Always wash your hands before handling your hearing aids.

earmold air bulb

Tubing Air Blower

If you wear behind-the ear style hearing aids, the tubing that connects the custom earmold to the hearing aid can get plugged with beads of moisture that keep the sound from traveling down the tube and into your ear. Use this handy bulb to blow moisture out your tubing and earmold. It is best to detach the tubing from the earhook and blow air from the top of the aid. If you blow from the bottom of the earmold, the moisture may go further up in tubing, thus making the hearing worse.



These fine instrument cleaners are designed to clean moisture, earwax, and debris earmold and hearing aid vents. Soft brushy nylon thread removes moisture and debris with thread-and-pull action.


Wax Guards and Cerustops

Every receiver-in-the-ear and custom hearing aid has a small removable wax guard at the end of the device. These small wax traps prevent earwax from blocking the hearing. How often these wax guards need to be changed is dependent on how waxy your ears are. Since there are so many kinds of wax guards that look alike, it is not recommended to order these online, but rather purchase them from a local hearing aid prover.