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About Welsch Hearing Aid Company, Sheboygan, WI

Welsch Hearing Aid Company is an independent hearing instrument provider, offering all the hearing aid technology that is available today. We are not tied to one brand of products as the franchised hearing aid providers are. This allows us to fulfill our mission which is to provide the best hearing possible, given ones hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

Welsch Hearing Aid Co. Founders - Clarence & Ramona WelschService is the most important part of Welsch Hearing Aid Company. We make your hearing our priority. We do our best to provide emergency service on the same day or the next. Welsch Hearing Aid Company likes to keep your hearing aids working and in your ears. For this reason we include our Welsch Care Battery and Service Plan with the purchase of new hearing aids. That means hearing aid cleanings and batteries are included for four years.

Welsch Hearing Aid Company has been providing quality hearing instruments to Sheboygan County and beyond for over 49 years. Susan L. Fenrich and her husband David, are the owners of Welsch Hearing Aid Company. Both are Hearing Instrument Specialists licensed by the State of Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1965 by Susan’s parents Clarence and Ramona Welsch.

Susan L. Fenrich is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument SciencesSusan is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and believes in the importance of continuing education to keep herself informed of new developments in the Hearing Industry. For this reason she is a member of both the Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals and the International Hearing Society. Since she passed her National Board Certification Examination in 1994, she has accumulated over 1300 hours of continuing education.