Celebrating 50 years of Hearing Aid Service
in the Greater Sheboygan Area! Thank You!!!

No Need to Miss a Thing!

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The contagious laughter of a child. The crack of a bat at a baseball game. The soothing sounds of your favorite song. A reminiscent father-son chat. It’s the little things that really matter in life. Even just a slight hearing loss can keep you from fully experiencing some of life’s greatest moments.

Let us help you live life to the fullest.

Welsch Hearing Aid Company has been helping people with their hearing loss and providing quality hearing instruments to Sheboygan County and beyond since 1965.

Hearing screenings at Welsch Hearing Aid Company are FREE! Our hearing screenings are performed by a State Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist that is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences (BC-HIS). Hearing tests performed by an audiologist can cost as much as $300.00 or more. Click here to Schedule Your Free Hearing Screening today!

hearing the sheboygan grandchildrenAs an independent provider we are not tied to one brand of products as the franchised hearing aid providers are. We can offer all of the latest hearing aid technology that is available today. This allows us to fulfill our mission to provide the best hearing possible, given one’s hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

hearing loss examIf you think you might have a hearing loss let us provide you with a free hearing screening and help you achieve the best hearing possible. Click here and Request an Appointment with a Welsch Hearing Aid Company Professional.

Service is the most important part of Welsch Hearing Aid Company. We make your hearing our priority. We do our best to provide emergency service on the same day or the next. Welsch Hearing Aid Company likes to keep your hearing aids working and in your ears.

Everyone’s hearing loss and correction are unique. What we can do is promise to provide the best hearing possible, given one’s hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Read the Testimonials some of our clients have shared about our company and our Wisconsin TEPP Program Providerhearing aid service.

We also provide assistive telecommunications devices through the Wisconsin TEPP.

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