Facts & Fictions about Hearing Loss (1)

Facts & Fictions about Hearing Loss

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Are you putting off getting a hearing test even though you think you have hearing loss? Let’s address some of the common fictions about hearing loss, put your fears to rest, and give you the facts you need to make good decisions about your hearing health.

Fiction: Hearing Loss is Rare

Fact: Hearing loss is probably a lot more common than you think. Around 50 million Americans have hearing loss. That means that you most likely know at least one person with hearing loss. So why does hearing loss seem so rare? Only 1 in 3 Americans who need hearing aids actually wears them. Many people are ignoring their hearing loss, or don’t realize how important it is to treat hearing loss. That’s why you don’t see more hearing devices for hearing people talking about hearing loss.

Fiction: I’d know Right Away if I Had Hearing Loss

Fact: Hearing loss isn’t always obvious at first. You don’t wake up one day and suddenly have significant hearing loss. Instead, hearing loss is a gradual process that happens little by little. The daily changes are often undetectable, and your brain adjusts to your new hearing capabilities each day.

Your family will often be the first to notice your hearing loss. They’ve noticed that you ask them to repeat themselves more often than before, or that you’ve unconsciously been turning up the volume on the TV. If your loved ones tell you they think you have hearing loss, they’re probably right.

Fiction: If People Would Speak Up, I Wouldn’t Have Hearing Loss

Fact: It’s natural to wish that our problems are someone else’s fault, but hearing loss isn’t anyone’s fault. If you’ve noticed that sounds seem muffled, or that everyone seems to be speaking too softly, chances are the problem is in your ears. Rather than blaming others, book a hearing test and find out if you have hearing loss. 

Hearing loss makes it very difficult to follow conversations because high pitched consonant sounds get harder to hear. If you’re having difficulty following conversations, even if you haven’t noticed hearing loss in other areas of your life, you probably have hearing loss. 

Fiction: There Aren’t Hearing Aids for Mild Hearing Loss

Fact: As soon as you notice the early warning signs of hearing loss, you should treat your hearing loss. There are amazing hearing aids designed for people with mild hearing loss. These devices will help you follow conversations, reduce background sounds, and make it easier for you to hear at work. Hearing aids help you keep up with your children or grandchildren, catch every word in conversations, and enjoy clear hearing. 

Putting off getting hearing aids until you have moderate or severe hearing loss can cause more rapid hearing loss and even cognitive decline. Untreated hearing loss also increases your risk of developing dementia. That’s why we recommend treating hearing loss as soon as possible. 

Fiction: Only Seniors Have Hearing Loss

Fact: Older adults can have hearing loss, but they’re not the only ones. People of all ages can have hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss is just one kind of hearing loss. Other causes of hearing loss include:

  • A head, neck, or ear injury
  • An illness such as an ear infection
  • Exposure to dangerously loud noise
  • Natural damage of the cells in the ear

Having hearing loss doesn’t mean you’re old. Rather than ignoring your hearing loss, find out more about your treatment options, and find hearing aids that make it easy to hear all the sounds you’ve been missing. 

Fiction: Hearing Aids Are Ugly

Fact: Modern hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes. These sophisticated devices help you hear and look great while doing it. Many of our most popular hearing aids are custom molded to your ear so they fit perfectly. Some sit within the ear canal and they’re nearly invisible. Others nestle behind the ear, following the contours of the ear so they’re barely noticeable.

Hearing aids can be beautiful, and we’re here to help you find the perfect pair. Visit us today for a hearing test and consultation and find out more about your hearing needs. Together we’ll review your hearing aid options and help you find hearing aids you’ll love.