Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Marriage


Susan L Fenrich, BC-HIS*

Think about it. When you were young and first met your soul mate you both were on your best behavior. During the dating stage you did everything you could to make each other happy. For the first several years of marriage you were still in the “honeymoon” stage. Things were good and you both got along well. Then children came and you were busy with that. When they left, you started realizing things had changed. You may have drifted apart and have less in common now that the kids are gone. You may feel like you are being ignored and not loved as you once were. More arguments occur. Romance often starts to dwindle. The marriage relationship weakens.

Although these things can happen to any couple for many reasons, there is one likely reason that you may not have considered, and that is: hearing loss. Over the years, through exposure to loud noise from work, the rock concerts of your youth, the use of headsets to hear your personal listening devices, and your children’s basketball games, along with taking oto-toxic medications, and health issues, your hearing begins to decline. Presbycusis, or age related hearing loss begins to set in as well. As the hearing loss worsens it gets more difficult to understand the spoken word.

Fights begin to occur over the loudness of the TV, which makes watching TV a battle versus the nice time of cuddling you once did years ago. When you can’t hear each other buy yelling across the house, you both think you’re being ignored. When you are impatiently reminded that you were told something before, you feel like your spouse is being a jerk, or you are getting Alzheimer’s. Constantly having to repeat what you say gets very stressful. Carrying on a conversation over dinner in a restaurant gets extremely difficult and embarrassing. It is easier to concentrate on eating the meal instead of talking to each other.

Out of frustration of not being able to communicate and feeling rejected by each other you can drift further apart. The person who has the start of the hearing loss doesn’t even realize there is a hearing problem, because the onset is so gradual. The relationship becomes strained at best, and may often end in divorce.

If any of this article reminds you of your marriage, please make your hearing your priority. The cost of better hearing is far less than the cost of losing your soul mate and ending your marriage. Schedule your FREE hearing screening and consultation today!