Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

Things to Consider when Selecting Hearing Aids

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With so many options out there, hearing aids have come a long way from the cumbersome hearing aids you’re your parents or grandparents may have worn. There are so many added features to help you hear with ease and sleek, discrete styles to choose from. Of course finding the best hearing aids for you isn’t easy. If you take time to decide what you want from your hearing aids then making a decision can be a little less overwhelming.

Your Hearing Needs

The most important factor you should be looking for is what hearing aids will best support your individual needs around hearing loss. The results of your hearing test along with a consultation from us at Welsch Hearing Aid Company will help to inform you on the best models for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle. After you’ve whittled down the wide selection by your actual need there are still allot of things to consider.

Hearing Aid Styles

Allot of people have hearing loss these days; in fact over 48 million in the U.S. and the stigma isn’t what it used to be. Still allot of people prefer to wear hearing aids that are not very noticeable. If you choose a less discrete larger model, often they have more power, function or longer battery life. There is no shame in wearing your hearing aids proudly. It’s a symbol that you are taking your life and your hearing into your own hands and taking action.

Complex Sound Environments

Some people enjoy loud social environments or they work in a place with allot of background noise. Other people live a quiet life and seldom come in contact with a large crowd. When it comes to hearing aids there is now technology that can help enhance speech when there is excess noise present. Of course this feature is a bit of an upgrade so its best to invest in it only if you will be using it often.

Streaming Directly to your Hearing Aid

With Bluetooth technology you now have the option to stream music and television directly into your ear via your hearing aids. If you use a Smartphone then you will love the ease of being able to stream your telephone conversations directly to your ears and skip awkward miscommunications that talking on the phone may have brought in the past. If you enjoy working out at the gym while listening to music or podcasts then your hearing aids will do this with ease.

Smartphone Management

With the common use of Smartphones seemly everywhere it is easier than ever to use your Smartphone to manage your hearing aids. Now, using artificial intelligence your Smartphone can work in tandem with your hearing aids to personalize your hearing experience as you change environments seamlessly.

Do you Struggle with Specific Frequencies?

The loudest sounds are seldom hard to hear. It’s subtle sounds that most people struggle with. Certain tones or consonants are harder for people with hearing loss to decipher. Allot of hearing aids today have features to emphasize softer sounds like birds chirping or the voices of children.

Your Work Environment

Your job is the place where allot of people spend a majority of their time. If you work from home or in a quiet office you may not need to utilize the same features as someone who works in construction or in an industrial setting. Consider your work environment to get the most out of your hearing aids.

When and Where Do You Need to Hear Your Best?

What are your hobbies and favorite activities? Do you enjoy large lectures or theater events? Do you like to jog or spend time at the beach? Do you love long talks at coffee shops or restaurants? No matter what the things you are most passionate are it’s important that your hearing aids are equipped to handle these moments. Some hearing aids are tuned to pick up the nuisances of music while others specialize in an active lifestyle of sports and hiking. Others specialize in wind suppression you might experience if you spend allot of time outside in wide open spaces. Make sure your hearing aids are best suited for the things in life you love to do.